Wednesday, April 06, 2005

"The Guy Who Collected Roger Stern"

Awhile ago, Wizard did a bit where they picked what they felt were the best stories for a variety of Marvel characters.

Whether you agree with the editorial selections of Wizard magazine, one thing that really jumped out at me was some of the selections.

So many of them were written by Roger Stern!

They gave their top picks, plus five or so honorable mentions.

Stern made the list TWICE for Spider-Man (including the top spot), once for Avengers, once for Captain America, once for Hulk and once for Dr. Strange. In addition, he was the editor for Uncanny X-Men for a good deal of their entries (and he was an involved editor).

I really appreciate Roger Stern's contributions to comics.

He also created one of my favorite comic book characters, Monica Rambeau.

When you look back at it, the success of Monica Rambeau (the second person at Marvel to be named Captain Marvel), it is so impressive. Here was a NEW character, who was FEMALE, AND black, and within a few years, she was involved in most of Marvel's marketing. That was how good of a character Roger Stern created.

In addition, he gave us a wonderful run on Captain America with John Byrne, a memorable Avengers run with John Buscema (and Al Milgrom), a memorable Spider-Man run with John Romita Jr., a memorable Hulk run with Sal Buscema and a notable tenure as John Byrne's Superman successor.

Roger Stern's contributions to modern comics are impressive.

I wish I could see some more comcis from him!


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