Wednesday, April 06, 2005


I have no problem with "snark," which basically is another term for negative comments towards a work of art.

I do not believe anyone is helped by pretending that something is not bad. However, at the same time, negative comments have a sort of strange effect where their gravity is concerned.

Negative comments take on extra gravity, so that if you have, say, a blog, and half of your entries are positive and half are negative, people will generally be sucked in by the higher gravity of the negative entries.

That is why I think it is worthwhile to have a place out there where there is a lack of the negative, just so that the positive has a chance to flourish. This is not to discount the negative, feel free to check out Comics Should Be Good, I will certainly continue to say negative things about things that I think are not good.

Here, though, is just for discussing the things we love about comic books. Whether it be great books, great creators or great moments, here is where you will find them discussed. In addition, part of the charm of comic books is also the often goofy aspects of the genre, like the period in the 70s when Popeye was (more or less) a recurring character in the Superman titles!! You can think something is corny, and still enjoy it (if not, then no one would enjoy Owly).

I will be here every day to tell you something that I love about comic books, and hopefully I will have some others join in.

In addition, if you want to share your thoughts about something you love about comics (or some goofy comic thing that makes you smile), feel free to e-mail me, as I will gladly post entries featuring other people's picks about what they love about comics.

Have fun!


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