Monday, April 11, 2005

A Mixture of Vices - Dylan References in Comic Books

Strange #1 was not a great comic...but then it ended with a Bob Dylan quote, and I somehow found myself liking the book more.

It is like my pal Tadhg, his enjoyment of Dr. Who clouds his objectivity when it comes to judging a work, as he finds himself liking almost every Dr. Who project ever done, in every media (which any Star Wars or Star Trek fan can tell you, is almost categorically impossible, as the sheer volume of adapted works means that some stinkers are BOUND to sneak in there).

Well, the same goes for me when I see a Dylan reference in a comic. It raises the comic's coolness level by, like, six, in my book.

For instance, Doug Moench once had an issue of Catwoman where he had Selina say, "When you ain't got nothing, you got nothing to lose."

I loved it.

When, in an old Spider-Man issue (I think it was Marvel Team-Up), he went to a "Bob Dylan" (I use quotes because I am not sure if they actually called him Bob Dylan or not) concert...

I loved it.

In an old issue of Superman, where Superman teams up with Batgirl, and a "Bob Dylan" concert takes place (this time, I am pretty sure they did NOT actually call him Bob Dylan)?

I loved it.

The ultimate one, so far for me, has to be the first issue of Watchmen, when Moore quotes Desolation Row.

A Dylan reference AND an awesome comic book?

Too much.

Can anyone else recall any Dylan references in comics that I did not mention?


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