Friday, March 10, 2006

I'd Have Kept Hawkeye Single

I enjoyed Mockingird.

I did.

I thought she was a neat character, and I liked her interaction with Hawkeye.

However, I also think that, as soon as Hawkeye and Mockingbird got together, that it created a bit of a tug upon Hawkeye, forcing him to become more and more serious, and more straight-laced.

And I think making Hawkeye mature was more of a decision made for the writers, who liked to see him develop as a character, not made in the best interests of the character.

And as a result of Hawkeye's marriage to Mockingbird, writers who WANTED a return to the Hawkeye of old had no other recourse than to get rid of Mockingbird, which is a shame, as she was a neat character.


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