Sunday, March 12, 2006

I'd Have Kept Dox and Stealth as a Couple

Please note that, since Stealth has not appeared since REBELS ended, she might very well still BE with Vril Dox, but, just to make sure, let me point out that I'd like to see her with Dox.

Their relationship in REBELS was a fine piece of work by Tom Peyer, as Stealth slowly realizes that she actually CARES for Vril Dox, something that, as you imagine, comes as quite a shock to Stealth!

Dox, meanwhile, can't help but be his usual self with her, so to see them involved together would be a total mess of character interaction and hilarity.

I'd love to see it happen someday.

A twisted outer space Moonlighting.

Who wouldn't like that?


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