Saturday, March 04, 2006

I'd Not Have Had Donna Troy Get Married and Pregnant

For a company that has not had its characters age much in sixty years, DC sure seems to sometimes want to go that way, doesn't it?

One of those problems, I think, was in the idea of aging Donna Troy. I do not think it worked with the rest of the members of the Teen Titans.

If Donna Troy is getting married and having a kid, doesn't that basically age the Titans as well?

I'd have kept her single.


Blogger T. said...

My main problem with the wedding was the her husband was such a fucking dweeb. Seriously. That hair, the beard, even as a kid he just seemed like a total mismatched dork. I was a Marvel kid and I decided to give DC a try just to be different. I picked up New Teen Titans due to the buzz and knew I would never buy it again after I realized one of the main characters would marry a total loser like that. A character like that wouldn't even be allowed to share a panel with one of Marvel's superheroes much less marry one. Looking back, I think he was supposed to be someone for the fans to identify with, kind of like a wish fulfillment thing.

3/15/2006 9:00 PM  

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