Sunday, August 20, 2006

Really Cool Scene - Blue Beetle Coming Out of His Coma

Blue Beetle going into a coma was one of the sillier results of the Doomsday storyline, as it seemed like Justice League America writer Dan Jurgens was simply taking the opportunity to write Beetle out of the series.

However, in Jurgens' fairly-acclaimed series, Destiny's Hand, which involved the Justice League fighting evil versions of the Justice League created by Dr. Destiny, in one of the cooler moments, Blue Beetle shows up out of nowhere to save the day.

You see, Dr. Destiny's dream powers somehow hooked up with Beetle's mind during the coma, so it woke him up, and since they were connected, he was able to exercise a degree of control over Destiny's machinations, thereby saving the day.

It was awesome to see Beetle return, as for awhile, I didn't think he'd ever come back (well, so long as Jurgens was writng, that is)!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is this the Ted Kord version?
If he got his own book again I may just start reading again.

8/21/2006 1:40 PM  

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