Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Top Five Police Captains in Superhero Comics

5. Shelly Conklin

She was the Code: Blue Captain. Remember Code: Blue? I thought they were a pretty cool supporting cast member during DeFalco and Frenz's Thor/Thunderstrike run.

I wonder what she's up to now.

4. Steve Traynor

The former Jetlad would probably be higher on the list, except we don't really see that much of the Top Ten police captain

3. Jean DeWolff

The same goes for Jean De Wolff. I liked her in the Spider-Man titles, but she was mainly a background character.

2. Maggie Sawyer

Well, you folks should all know I loves me some Maggie Sawyer.

She was such a great supporting cast member.

1. Captain George Stacy

I think we may actually have had cooler moments with Captain Stacy AFTER he was killed by Dr. Octopus.

Especially during Untold Tales of Spider-Man.

What a cool character he was.

Agree, disagree? Let me know, folks!


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