Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Top Five Captain America Girlfriends

Cap is quite the romantic, so here is his list of his top five girlfriends!

Honorable Mention to Rebecca Quan and Connie Ferrari.

5. Peggy Carter

Has Peggy NEVER appeared on a comic cover?


Peggy was a resistance fighter who Cap fell in love with while fighting in Europe.

4. Betsy Ross

Betsy was Cap's Golden Age girlfriend who eventually ended up becoming the superhero Golden Girl.

She became Cap's partner after, oddly enough, Bucky was shot!

Her current continuity is a lot more convoluted.

3. Rachel Leighton

Diamondback was an interesting girlfriend for Steve Rogers, as she challenged his stodgy ways.

I really liked her.

She gets extra credit for being the first time Cap going on a date made a cover!

2. Bernie Rosenthal

Diamondback, though, wasn't as compatible with Cap as much as Bernie was, who really challenged Cap in ways other than "loosening him up."

1. Sharon Carter

If Sharon never returned, she'd give Bernie a rough time.

But the quality (by Waid and Brubaker) since her return has been impressive.

Also, note that there has never been a Bernie Rosenthal comic book!


Agree? Disagree? Let me know!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

An older version (modern times) of Peggy Carter was on the cover of Cap #232. Here's the link:

7/19/2006 10:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Diamondback was the best...
more sexy than the others... and I like reformed girls...

plus she is the only one who can understand Cap committment to the hero business...

of course Sharon can, but in recent times she is more and more obsessed than Cap...
(and how many times Shield fired her and then hired her again?)

7/20/2006 4:13 AM  
Blogger David C said...

Bernie was always my favorite, and I was kinda ticked off when they wrote her out of the comic (and by the way it was done.)

I like Sharon now, but when she was first reintroduced in... what, the late '90s? I thought they played up the "bad grrrrl" stuff way too much. She seems a lot more balanced now.

Silver Age Sharon was actually pretty neat, and a rare Marvel Silver Age "career girl" who took her job as seriously as Cap did his.

7/20/2006 5:22 PM  
Anonymous Generic Levitra said...

My favorite since ever has been Betsy Ross, because she is nicer, prettier and sexier than the other ones. Also Captain America really love her.

10/05/2010 6:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My favorite in the comics is Bernie. Of all of them, she respected Steve's need to be Cap but also pushed him to have more of a life of his own, which is something Steve has always wanted but has never been good at doing. She also respected him for being Cap, but she wasn't intimidated by it. She's smart, funny, independent, loyal to the core and she's got guts to spare. Plus, Jewish, which I thought was a great touch given Steve's role in WWII.
I think she really could have made Steve happy.

I was really unhappy with how they wrote her out of the comic, though. It didn't make any sense, especially since they went to (bleh) Diamondback.

My second favorite in the comics (and first favorite in the MCU) is Peggy Carter. There's no question she really did love him, and she carried the torch for years.

After that, the list drops dramatically.

Rachel Leighton (Diamondback) barely edges out Sharon Carter. My problem with Rachel is that I got incredibly tired of her inferiority complex and her constant, 'ooooh, I'm just not good enough for Cap'. Not only that, but she never seemed to see Steve as Steve, and her massive case of hero worship made me gag, especially after Bernie. She was always supposed to be a bada**, but really, I couldn't see it, and she oozed submissiveness. Steve alwys struck me as the kind of guy who preferred a woman with a little spine to her.

Sharon Carter's next. I like that she gets his life and he can be open about what he does. She is loyal -- mostly -- and she does get his back. That said, a *lot* of her storylines involve her griping at him over something or the other. I never understood, for example, why she was such a flaming witch about his not investigating her death. Well, duh, Sharon, you went deep cover and intentionally wanted people to think you were dead, and you're going to gripe at Steve because he believed it and didn't look for you? That...yeah, no logic there. For ages, she wouldn't date him, but groused and had incredible green eyes whenever he dated someone else. Also, she frequently tries to manipulate him. For example, during Winter Soldier, when Steve's torn up about what happened to Bucky, she comes over ostensibly to be a support, but really to try to twist his arm to kill Bucky because -- get this -- Bucky killed the guy she was sleeping with at the time. Uh, Sharon? No. Just. No. She did pretty much the same thing in Civil War, sleeping with Steve and then trying to get him to surrender. The only reason she didn't turn him in (which would have been low beyond low) was because Faustus manipulated her mind. Plus, she makes no bones about the fact that duty comes before love in her book. The same might be said about Steve, I guess, but he's a lot more devoted, even so, and frankly, deserves better.

Also, the whole 'looks like his lost love Peggy' is just squicky. (I *really* disliked Sharon in the MCU -- in the deleted scenes of Civil War, she's seriously coming onto him, which I thought was just grotesque right after her aunt's *funeral*, for pete's sake.) I *especially* disliked her for stabbing herself and killing Steve's baby when she was captured by the Red Skull. I'm all for choice, but she's just murdered Steve and now his baby, too? Yuck.

Quan was a wimp. 'Nuff said.

And the bottom of the list is reserved for the one Cap girlfriend I completely loathe -- Connie Ferrari. Complete whiner and downright antagonistic, not to mention a slimeball kind of lawyer. What kind of idiot actually believes A.I.M. is innocent of anything? Someone who's getting paid major bucks and getting paid off, that's who. For all that she protested that she was just doing her constitutional duty and giving her client fair representation, the same can be said of lawyers who defend Mafia bosses.

I don't know anything about Betsy Ross except in connection with Jeff Mace, not Steve, so no comment there.

9/21/2017 1:09 PM  
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