Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Comics I Love - Simonson's Thor

Has a creative run ever begun with such a definitive visual as Walt Simonson's debut on Thor?

An alien creature wielding Thor's hammer breaking the logo?!!?

You KNEW that you were in for something unique here!

And Walt Simonson sure did deliver, as his Thor run was unique, with new characters and foes to be fought, but most of all, what Simonson brought to the book was old fashioned storytelling, matched with his amazing artwork.

In the midst of it all, Simonson was able to tell a pretty long over-arching plot, with tons of little stories in between.

Amazing work.

The issue I would pick to encapsulate the run is no surprise to many - the classic issue where the Eradicator gives his life to save Thor and crew. What an amazing issue - what an amazing last stand.

Truly Airwolf.


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