Thursday, January 12, 2006

What 1/11 books did you have no snark for?

What books this comic week did you have zero snark for?

For me, I had no snark for DMZ #3, which I think very effectively drew the initial storyline of the title to a close, and gave us a very nice setup for the rest of the series, which should be even BETTER than #1-3.

How about YOU folks?


Blogger Rick said...

Zero snark for the following:

100 Bullets #68 - This book makes so much more sense now that I have caught up on all the trades. Brilliant story and this issue really sets things up for some big stuff.

DMZ #3 - I've really enjoyed this so far. This issue felt a little more sporadic than the others (not that it is a bad thing).

Fables #45 - A lot of great stuff happening with the politics of Fabletown and the Arabians.

Green Arrow #58 - Dr. Light is completely psychotic in this arc. I love it.

It was a really small week for me. Only seven books total (less than half my normal pick up). I guess it was nice on the wallet though.

1/13/2006 7:18 AM  

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