Thursday, January 26, 2006

First Cover Appearance Wednesday!

New shtick!

I will post three covers each Wednesday that depict the first cover appearances by three (fairly) notable characters!!

This week, famous replacements of the Avengers' "Big Three"

1. Jim Rhodes

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Jim didn't waste much time. He was introduced in Iron Man #118, and was on the cover of the book by issue #125.

Man, those were some EXCELLENT comic books.

2. John Walker

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John (the future USAgent) also did not waste time (only FOUR issues after his first appearance!!), actually), but in his case, he was introduced as a major character - the Super-Patriot.

3. Eric Masterson

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Compared to the first two, Masterson had to wait a lifetime! Introduced in Thor #391, Eric did not show up in the comics until #408, where he was merged with Thor.

That's it for this week!

Hope this was kinda fun!


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