Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Cover Challenge!

New gimmick!

You know the old gimmick that they used to have in DC Comics where they'd let an artist draw a cover and then the creative team would have to come up with a story to match the cover?

I now offer the challenge to you folks out there! I will post a cover, and you come up with a story idea to match the cover! Sound cool? Let's begin!


Blogger Richard said...

Is Robin slapping Superman in the gut? Yeesh.

Anyway, here's three plots for you, all with extra vintage goofiness. I think I made these up just now, but I wouldn't be surprised if any of them were actually used back in the day...

Plot #1: Batman and Robin are in the Batplane pursuing fleeing bank robbers in their getaway car...but a stalled engine sends the plane into a nosedive. Superman witnesses this with his telescopic vision and rushes to the scene. He watches as Robin escapes via ejector seat -- but Batman's ejector seat jams, leaving him trapped inside as the Batplane crashes to Earth. The next day, Lois Lane has no choice but to report: "Batman Dies In Crash! Superman fails to rescue best friend!" At the dedication of a memorial to Batman, Superman is confronted by the ghost of Batman denouncing him. Superman declares himself an unfit hero and vows to retire...

...and Gotham's Most Wanted Criminal, who has been hiding in a lead-lined vault to elude both heroes, emerges at in the knowledge that neither caped crusader is around to catch him. And then the heroes pop out and grab him. Yes, it was all a hoax! It was a Batman dummy in the cockpit of the Batplane, and later Batman treated his costume with luminous paint to appear as a "ghost." All this to lure the wanted felon from his impregnable stronghold.

Plot #2: I call this one "The Super-Guardian Angel!" In the Fortress of Solitude, Superman is dusting his Batman and Robin mementoes, only to be exposed to some Red Kryptonite. The Red K causes him to hallucinate the statues in the Fortress have come to life, and he watches as Batman is machine-gunned down before his eyes by an Al Capone statue from the "Hall of Infamy" next door. Supes envisions himself being haunted by the ghost of Batman, who blames him for failing to deflect the bullets. Recovering from the delusion, Superman remembers the awful sense of guilt and vows no harm will come to Batman so long as he can prevent it.

After that, Supes won't leave Batman alone. Always keeping tabs on him with telescopic vision, he rushes in to save Bats. Anytime there's the slightest hint of danger, Superman interferes. Batman gets fed up with this, and cooks up a scheme to cure Superman of his overprotectiveness: he fakes a scenario in which he's being held hostage and calls Superman to rescue him. Supes arrives to find Batman seemingly dead: his worst nightmare has come true! Or has it? Batman gets up and explains six different ways he could have freed himself from the trap...if it had been real. A chagrined Superman learns his lesson.

Plot #3: Superman and Batman are going after Lex Luthor, who is building a teleportation ray to steal the gold from Fort Knox. As Superman captures Luthor, the beam bounces off his chest and strikes Batman, seemingly obliterating him. The world now thinks Batman is an intangible ghost, visible but incapable of touching anything, and they blame Superman for his death. But Superman recognizes that Batman is alive and caught between our dimension and the Phantom Zone, and must find a way to bring him back. Meanwhile, Batman is terrorizing criminals by swooping through walls and "haunting" them.

So, did I pass the audition?

7/02/2006 6:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wouldn't say they always wrote a story to fit the cover--often the story bore little resemblance to the cover.

7/06/2006 4:18 AM  

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