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Nagging Thoughts for 3/19

What's Black Knight up to nowadays?

How about Sersi?

That story where they went into the past, did that explain why Black Knight and Sersi are no longer an item?

Wasn't it kinda weird that Black Knight, in Avengers, was all "heroes sometimes have to kill," but when he was in Ultraforce, he was all, "heroes don't kill"?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know what I found strange? The complete transformation in personality Dane had between Roger Stern's and Walt Simonsen's runs.

Gahhhhhh! Avengers c 290-330. Must try and forget!

3/19/2006 5:51 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Black Knight was sort of an inadvertent deus ex machina; in more than a few storylines (Avengers-Defenders war comes to mind), it was the Black Knight's imprisonment/kidnapping/curse/quest that provoked all the other heroes into action. Rumor has it that currently he's wandering Europe or something.

I always liked the Black Knight, but in more of a "Thank God he's not Hercules" kind of way.

3/20/2006 2:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What follows is a little timeline from what happened JUST AFTER the ULTRAVERSE up until we last see Black Knight:

There was a tangiential one-shot, of sorts, that led FROM Black Knight's departure from the Ultrverse back into the M.U.


In it, he went BACK in time (yes. Again.) to the Crusades (yes. again.) and stumbled across APOCALYPSE and EXODUS (X-foes).

Turns out Exudus was a mortal at the time of the Crusades, who falls in with Apocalypse and gets a ton of power.

He and Dane were best friends (while Dane was Eobar Garrington) and in the end Dane saves Exodus from Apocalypse and BK and SERSI seal him in a vault.

Which is then OPENED in CABLE # 30 (guest starring X-MAN - with a cameo by Black Knight). Exodus is released and shit happens.

Dane then appears in an issue of UNCANNY ORIGINS # 11 (lame origin retcon-update)

then onto WHAT IF (vol. 2) # 97

Then came Heroes for Hire (the team - not PowerMan & IronFist) for a few issues (he gets a whole new suit of armour/sword/steed/powers/dealio).

He ALSO popped into QUICKSILVER's title around that same time with something about the Knights of Wundergore and fighting for the love of Crystal.

And then back into the AVENGERS (vol 3) for a little stint (where they make it seem like he can't cut it).

WE next see him in a 4-issue mini of EXCALIBUR (not the x-team really, but Capt. Britain, Psylocke, Black Knight and some "Otherworld" Captains Britain...and Roma? iirc).
They all go to OTHERWORLD to pull a "Knights of the Round table" type of adventure and give Capt. Britain ANOTHER new costume/powers/mission/dealio... AND get him crowned as King.
It was weird, but BK was in it.

After idea.
He dropped off of the map.

His SWORD was last in the possession of his old SQUIRE - turned evil entity BLOODWRAITH in some AVENGERS issues.

This was all between 1996-2001.
MOST of it was 1997.

I'd like to see his return, but not holding my breath.

Sorry for the extensive post.
Just trying to
a) help out
b) kill time


3/21/2006 3:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two cool Black Knight moments: he was the first Avengers issue I ever read, a Marvel Triple Action reprint.
Mock all you want, I friggin' love that title.
The other is in Deadpool: Taskmaster makes an example out of Wade, with "the nigh-indefensible style of the Black Knight!" Or something like that, apparently Dane was good enough for Tasky to swipe from.
Wade's response is "Ah, you always get to be the Black Knight! I wanna be the Black Knight and you can be Jarvis the fat butler..."
That's about it: Dane has a cool costume and seems like a nice guy, but I can't remember another story I've read with him to save my life. And who's bright idea was it to replace the Ebony Blade (cool) with a knockoff lightsaber?

3/21/2006 6:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I always wished someone writing him could've remembered that Dane was a scientist, and actually had him solve a problem with his science know how.

But then I often wished the same about Mockingbird.

3/23/2006 2:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, both Roger Stern and Bob Harras played up BK's scientific acumen. I first read about this character in the latter days of Stern's Avengers run, and I thought he was a pretty cool character. Stern really played up the dichotomy of a brilliant scientist who uses a magic sword, and he had a sub-plot where he had an unrequited crush on the Wasp.

Yes, I hated the "lightsaber", too. I liked the look of the Ultraforce "light sword" that he used there, even though I never read the stories. I liked the Harras run where he became an aggressive butt-kicker.

BK's characterization HAS been all over the map, though. Starting out, he was a rookie superhero trying to make up for the misdeeds of his criminal uncle. Then he matured into a more seasoned superhero, then he was a 'noble knight' under Simonson's pen, talking in Elizabethan English and acting all gallant. Then he became a teeth-gnashing, forgetting-to-shave, bad-guy-slaying bad dude. Really, is there any other Avenger whose personality has been MORE all over the map?

BTW, I'd MUCH rather see him as an Avenger than Sentry, Ronin, Wolverine, or Spider-Woman.

3/24/2006 3:09 PM  
Blogger thekelvingreen said...

Black Knight is currently at a SHIELD outpost on the border of Slorenia (the central European nation Ultron nuked), as Wanda trapped the Bloodwraith (and his sword) within the nation's borders in Avengers (III) #36-37. He's popped up in cameos now and then just to say "Yep, still here!" and I'm sure he appeared on-panel in Busiek's Kang War arc, but he's had no major roles since, at least not as an Avenger.

I wouldn't be surprised to see him turn up in New Excalibur, if it lasts, but I would be surprised if anyone at Marvel remembers the Slorenia/Bloodwraith stuff.

3/28/2006 9:16 PM  
Blogger thekelvingreen said...

Really, is there any other Avenger whose personality has been MORE all over the map?
All of them, when Johns was writing.

I forgot to add on my previous post that the last time I saw Sersi was in Avengers (III) #4. I don't think we've seen her since, although she'll probably turn up in Gaiman's Eternals in some capacity, but perhaps not in-continuity.

Gosh, this is nine days ago. You're never going to see this.

3/28/2006 9:24 PM  

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