Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Top Five Starmen

Here we go! The top five Starmen!!

5. Mikaal

I liked Mikaal well enough, but he never seemed to DO much of anything.

4. Prince Gavyn

I was not a big fan of Gavyn either, but he at least held down his own serial for a decent amount of time.

3. Will Payton

I thought Will's series was a lot of fun, when written by Roger Stern. After Stern, it sagged a bit for me, but it was still enjoyable.

2. Ted Knight

Ted Knight was one of the more unique heroes out there, especially when James Robinson got a hold of him. He was tough competition, but ultimately, I think his son was enough to overtake him.

1. Jack Knight

There were times when I felt that James Robinson was a bit TOO proud of his creation, but most of the time, any pride Robinson felt was well deserved, as Jack Knight was really one of THE best characters created in the 1990s.

What do you folks think? Agree? Disagree?


Blogger Ragnell said...

Depends, do we count Thom Kallor or Danny Blaine?

2/02/2006 7:35 AM  
Blogger Brian Cronin said...

I say no.

David Knight would count, though!

2/02/2006 6:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would have put Mikall in slot number 3.
Although now that you mention it, I really can't remember him doing anything, he was a really good character.
That, and I was a big fan of the story where he fought a super villian whilst on acid.

Does the Star Woman count?
I mean she was only in one issue and I wouldn't rate her anyway, but I wouldn't want to think we're discriminating.

It was possibly the best superhero book o the 90's.


2/11/2006 11:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ted Knight--I'm a big Golden Age fan...

2/24/2006 9:25 PM  
Blogger Graeme said...

Will Payton. The Roger Stern/Tom Lyle Starman series remains to be one of my all-time favourite superhero series ever. So much so that I pretty much ignore everything that happened after Stern (I've never seen a character so totally dismantled as Len Strazlewski did to Starman).

I'm also fond of the Prince Gavyn version because Paul Levitz and Steve Ditko did Zorro as a space opera and it was so damn fun.

Love the Jack Knight version, but still kind of annoyed about conflating Will and Gavyn together...

3/29/2006 11:32 AM  

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