Thursday, December 08, 2005

Favorite Moments and Lines (with Spoilers)

New Excalibur #2

Throughout the issue our heroes get their collective clock cleaned by brutally efficient, black-clad versions of the original X-Men. (A humanoid Beast; Angel, Iceman; Cyclops; and, finally, Jane Grey.)

(1) Nice first panel on page 17, with the Evil Jane Grey running up the stairs to make her appearance and join the fray. Her face isn't shown, and all we "hear" are her shoes making their "Klek Klek Klek Klek" sound as she hurries to the scene.

(2) Evil Charles Xavier: I killed all you hero-types in my universe. I intend to savor every delicious moment in this one. (A cheese-y line, no doubt about it. But that's some good cheese.)

Sea of Red #7:

(1) Matt: Hey Marco, isn't that Blackthroat's buddy's sword? You know, the guy you needlessly murdered? Man, the sword gets its own chair. That's a good sign ...

(2) Janine (upon being offered a person to feed upon): This is very hard for me to stomach. Before ... all of this, I'd always been a vegetarian.

(3) Matt: Yeah, the healing fast thing is pretty wicked--we're like Wolverine.

Spider-Girl #93:

Proof that Tom DeFalco reads this blog! Kristy Watson returns. (Thanks for the link, Adrian.)


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