Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Top Five Characters Who Talk Like a Moron

Today's top five features the top five comic characters who talk like absolute morons.

#5 is Ajax, from the Incredible Hulk.


This dude was preeeeeeeeetty dumb.

#4 is Caliban, who actually WASN'T that dumb. He just SOUNDED dumb.

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He was also creepily obsessed with Kitty Pryde.

#3 is Drax the Destroyer

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Man, I thought Infinity Watch was such a fun book.

#2 is the Incredible Hulk

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The classic dummy!

Look at that vacant stare!!

#1, in an upset, is Bizarro!!

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Hulk didn't ALWAYS talk like a moron, unlike Bizarro!

Great upset!!

I am pretty damn sure that there is a character that I forgot. Anyone have any thoughts?


Blogger Greg said...

In fairness, and IMO, Bizarro didn't speak like a moron until Jeph Loeb began writing him. Previously, Bizarro's grammar at least matched the logic of his world view. However, in Loeb's hands the character doesn't reflect that internal logic, but the "realistic" approach of Elaine Benes who thought it made more sense for Bizarro to say "bad-bye" when he leaves rather than "good-bye." To read any Bizarro's speech or internal monologue in Superman/Batman is so difficult now that I feel like a moron.

1/19/2006 10:52 PM  

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